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Writing Workshop for Kids!

It’s a Bird, it’s a Plane, it’s a Book!


Unleash your inner superhero in this four-part writing workshop for grades 3-5 with Gary Urey, author of the popular Super Schnoz series. Kids will create, write, and illustrate their own superhero chapter book!

Part One


We'll discuss their favorite books and my publishing history. We'll explore story structure (beginning, middle, and end) and leave enough time for them to ask questions and start thinking about their own superhero story.


  • Brainstorm superpowers

  • Brainstorm characters—the protagonist, secondary characters, helpers, and the EVIL antagonist.

  • Talk about structure. Beginning/Middle/End. Plot ideas.

  • What does the main character/protagonist want and what/who tries to keep them from getting what he wants.


I'll supply plot sheets, character templates, etc. for kids to answer these questions.


Part Two


The kid’s will turn their ideas into an outline and start writing in class. 


Part Three


Kids will work on their story's illustrations. I will use my book as an example of what an illustrator does and how they use drawings to highlight and bring to life to dramatic parts of the story.


Part Four


Kids will put the whole thing together! They will assemble their story and illustrations into a concise, readable, and fun book. I will then give them references to how they can turn their book into a real hard copy or paper back using Amazon Publishing.


"Just a quick thanks for this morning from O's parents. He is beaming with inspiration! See you next week!"

"My son had a blast and was very proud to share his work with us today. So much fun!"

Contact Gary for more info!

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