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Super Schnoz peanut art by renowned tiny sculpture artist Steve Casino!

super schnoz peanut art
Super Schnoz Peanut Art

Signing ARCs of my book, Super Schnoz

and the Invasion of the Snore Snatchers

 at BEA in NYC

Super Schnoz signing and reading,

Barnes and Noble, Augusta, ME


Super Schnoz's number one fan!

President of the Super Schnoz International Fan Club!

Unfortunate victim of the

Super Schnoz Stinky Smell contest.


Super Schnoz in the wild.

Secrets of the X-Point--PURSUED spotted in paperback at Barnes n Noble.

The inside of my writing shed. Wired, insulated, and ready to write away the

frigid Maine winter.

Selfie at the grave of EB White in Brooklin, ME. Creepy or cool?

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