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"The writing, stylistically, has enough action and danger to keep it on the right side of parody, as well as a sense of humor that deftly mixes the absurd with gross-out jokes and clever wordplay. Super Schnoz smells like a winner, especially for reluctant readers."
STARRED REVIEW, Kirkus Reviews


"With a superhero story line, short chapters, and gross-out humor, the book hits a number of reluctant-reader marks. . . . The book is wacky from page one. . ."
School Library Journal


"This fun story in the vein of Captain Underpants introduces readers to Andy Whiffler, an eleven-year-old who was born with a humongous nose. The puns, references, and nose jokes abound, but themes of friendship and determination are also explored."

Library Media Connection

Andy Whiffler

6th Grade Class Photo

"Bountiful in his nose-related wordplay, Urey crafts fast-moving chapters full of gross-out humor that will surely appeal to reluctant readers and connoisseurs of middle school jokes."
School Library Journal.

"Urey’s latest adventure

for Super Schnoz is a quirky, fun read for even the most reluctant reader. His characters are real children from the real world placed in unreal and absurd situations."

Children's Literature

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